Design Wolf

Freeform Pool Designs

A Freeform Pool gives you more of the lagoon feel. These soft curves add character to your project. Freeform pools feel more natural and work well with Rock Waterfalls and other natural-looking aesthetics.


Design 1 - The Serenity

This Freeform Pool Design shows both geometric and freeform aspects that provide a smooth, modern look to your backyard. Design 1 makes a perfect play pool or a simple paradise.


Design 2 - The Soft Corner

This modest curved Freeform Pool Design can fit in medium and large yards. This design fits beautifully in a corner yard and can wrap around to a side yard for optimal space. Design 2 makes for a perfect relaxation pool with the option to soak in some sun on the Baja!


Design 3 - The Lagoon

This unique Freeform Pool Design has an attractive serpentine profile. This pool shape works with rock waterfalls and accent rocks. Design 3 makes a stunning show pool that can become a perfect play pool for everyone.


Design 4 - The Smooth Grecian

Inspired by a classic, this Freeform Pool Design can fit in most yards. It's able to be extended in size easily, and provides a soft, clean look to your backyard. Design 4 is a picture perfect hangout pool for when you invite friends and family over!

​Average Price

All Pool and Spa Packages come with 

  • 80 Perimeter Pool with: Main Drain, Variable Speed Pump, Auto Leveler, Skimmer, and Cartridge Filter.
  • Pool Waterline Tile.
  • Pebble Sheen Interior.
  • (2) Color LED Pool Lights.
  • Equipment Wall to hide the equipment from view.
  • Completely Automated Pool (Control Pool with your phone).
  • Travertine Coping.

These prices serve as a general guideline for what the package may cost. Many factors play into costs, such as Access, Demo, Utility Location, and more. Like this design? View the packages below, and contact us for more information about exact pricing.

Pool Only

Basic Pool - No Upgrades

$50k - $54k+

Pool With Upgrades and Water Features

$64k - $68k+

Pool With Upgrades, Water Features, and Landscape

$74k - $78k+

Pool And Spa

Pool and Spa Package - Basic - 7x7 Ground Level

$85k - $90k+

Pool and Spa Package - Upgrade - 8x8 Sit and Spin

$98k - $102k+

Pool and Spa Package - Upgrade - 8x8 Sit and Spin with Landscaping

$109k - $113k+

Common Upgrades

In-Floor Cleaning System - Cost Ranges $4500 or more

Built right into the pool shell PV3 is engineered to clean your entire pool. When not operating, PV3 disappears back into the pool floor, making it virtually invisible. This makes it so that no vacuum hoses are left floating in the pool. All that’s left is a sparkling clean pool that’s ready to enjoy. PV3 is custom-designed for your unique pool shape. It is so effective that it will clean 99% of your entire pool, guaranteed, as well as significantly reduce heating and chemical costs for the life of your pool.


To achieve the cleanest pool water available, HydraPure’s advanced oxidation process (AOP) combines the germ-killing properties of UV light with the shock power of ozone to form hydroxyl radicals that destroy 99.9%* of chlorine-resistant microorganisms without producing any harmful byproducts. It’s easy to install in new and existing pools and easy to maintain.

Heating Upgrade - Cost Ranges $6000 or more

Enjoy your pool all year long with Gas, Electric and Solar Heating Options. Gas is better for spas with fast heating for spontaneous entry. Electric is best at maintaining heat and does come with a cooling option, Solar has low to no ongoing costs but does not come with as much control as the others. (Prices vary depending on utility runs) - Read More About Pool Solar Heating