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Need extra information on your pool equipment options? This website area is about learning as much as possible about the equipment used in most pool projects. If you may need any other information not provided below, please do not hesitate to reach out!

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Cartridge Filter - ( included upgrades available )

​Cartridge Filter

SwimClear Cartridge Filter

SwimClear cartridge filters provide the most energy-efficient flow and save up to 2,500 gallons of water per year by eliminating the need to backwash. SwimClear filters offer a choice of 225, 325, 425, 525, and 700 sq. ft. of heavy-duty dirt holding capacity and extra-long filter cycle.

  • The top manifold configuration provides excellent filtration and hydraulic performance for reduced cost of operation.
  • Cleanable cartridge elements eliminate the requirement for backwashing.
  • Filter tanks are made from the most durable materials to meet the demands of the most demanding applications and environmental conditions.
  • High capacity, rapid release manual air relief valve bleeds air with a quick quarter-turn of the lever.
  • Heavy-duty, tamper-proof, one-piece flange clamp securely fastens tank top and bottom. It allows quick access to all internal components.
Variable Speed Pool Pump - ( included upgrades available )

​Variable Speed Pool Pump

Variable Speed Pool Pump TriStar

According to EPA ENERGY STAR®, 3rd party test data, Hayward TriStar® VS variable speed pool pumps are the most energy-efficient on the market. Designed for medium to large pools, they can save up to 90% on energy costs or as much as $1500 per year, compared with single-speed pool pumps.

  • Permanent magnet, totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC) motor delivers maximum energy efficiency and reliability.
  • Exceptionally quiet compared to single-speed pumps.
  • Fully programmable, the touchpad control can be rotated to four different positions or mounted to the wall for more convenient access.
  • Universal compatibility: operates independently, with Hayward automation, or with competitive systems (via relay control).
  • Extra-large basket design ensures easy leaf and debris removal and extends the time between cleanings.
Skimmer - ( included upgrades available )


SwimClear Cartridge Filter
The new ParaskimV venturi pool skimmer utilizes venturi action to deliver more skimming power when the pump is running at low speeds for better energy efficiency and surface debris removal. It's up to 70% more efficient than other venturi skimmers and up to 200% more efficient than regular skimmers. The perfect match for an in-floor cleaning system and multi-speed pumps. Our high-tech design makes it the most advanced skimmer available. The offset venturi design allows for easy access to the vacuum hose connection. An innovative anti-entrapment design is incorporated into the skimmer to prevent hair, limb, and body entrapment. A newly designed weir door for better water flow and less potential for debris to be trapped in the door. It also provides a more efficient method of introducing ozone into the pool. Design your pool with the advanced Paraskim V to remove debris from your pool at low energy-efficient pump speeds. The ParaskimV is available in 4 colors to match your pool deck and in a non-venturi version, the Paraskim.
Cleaning Options - ( included upgrades available )

AquaNaut Suction Cleaner ( included if not upgraded )

AquaNaut Suction Pool Cleaner

The AquaNaut® Series of automatic suction pool cleaners were the first all-terrain, clog-eliminating suction cleaners. They remain the best in their class. Available in two or four-wheel-drive models, AquaNaut is designed with patented technologies to deliver superior power, traction, and balance for pools of different shapes, sizes, flow rates, and debris types. They feature patented self-adjusting variable vanes known as V-Flex™ technology, which automatically adjust to allow large debris to pass through the cleaner delivering maximum suction power at virtually any flow and providing a clog-free clean – covering pool floor, walls* and coves.

  • Handles Large Debris Without Clogging
  • Patented V-Flex™ variable vane turbine technology eliminates clogs and maximizes power at almost any flow.
  • Perfect for use with variable-speed pool pumps.
  • Expertly Navigates Any Surface*
  • Patented high-traction tires with rugged treads provide superior climbing power and motion on all surfaces.
  • Maintains Constant Suction
  • The patented adjustable roller skirt maintains optimal suction on uneven surfaces.
  • Advanced Steering Capability
  • Multiple pre-programmed steering sequences ensure complete pool coverage.
  • Optimal Suction at Almost Any Flow
  • Three easily interchangeable throats improve debris passage and suction performance, making them ideal with variable-speed pool pumps.

In-Floor Cleaning ( upgrade )

Paramount PV3 In-Floor Head

Cleaning built right into the pool shell PV3 is engineered to clean your entire pool, including floors, steps, benches, and even spas. PV3 disappears back into the pool floor when not operating, making it virtually invisible. There are no vacuum hoses left floating in the pool, and all that's left is a sparkling clean pool ready to enjoy. PV3 is custom-designed for your unique pool shape. It is so effective that it will clean 99% of your entire pool, guaranteed, and significantly reduce heating and chemical costs for the life of your pool.

Ozone / UV Water Sanitizer - ( upgrade )

​Ozone / UV Pool Water Sanitization

SwimClear Cartridge Filter
To achieve the cleanest pool water available, HydraPure's advanced oxidation process (AOP) combines UV light's germ-killing properties with the ozone's shock power to form hydroxyl radicals that destroy 99.9%* of chlorine-resistant microorganisms without producing any harmful byproducts. It's easy to install in new and existing pools and easy to maintain.
Heating Options - ( upgrade )

Gas or Propane Pool Heating

Universal HC Series Heater

The industry's smallest footprint heater allows the replacement of almost any heater in an existing pad with the efficient reliability of the new Universal HC Series dual-fuel technology heater from Hayward®. Built to fit effortlessly with Hayward plumbing adapters, every detail has been thoughtfully engineered with easy drop-in capability in mind—its dual-fuel technology, its adaptive plumbing, its zero wall-clearance design, and more. And it all adds up to a durable, ultra-powerful heater with the industry's smallest footprint.

Hayward, Hayward & Design, and the H logo are registered trademarks of Hayward Industries, Inc.

  • Compact design: The industry's smallest footprint heater and lightweight design makes installation easy in any environment
  • Easy-out mixing orifice: Allows for easy in-field conversion between natural gas and propane
  • Cupro-nickel heat exchanger: Protects against water corrosion and natural wear.
  • Patented Butterfly bypass: Enables flow rates up to 125 GPM without extra accessories
  • Exclusive plumbing adapters: Allow for simple drop-in replacement with no pipe cutting required
  • Zero wall clearance: Fits seamlessly into smaller pads and tight spaces
  • Quick-access reversible top: easily swaps plumbing from right to left while providing access to gas shutoff, voltage selection, and more, all via a single fastener
  • Low NOx emissions: Meet clean air quality standards while providing exceptional heating performance.

Electric Pool Heating

Hayward Heat-Cool HeatPro Pool Heat Pump

High-performance, energy-efficient HeatPro heat pumps quietly and economically maintain the ideal water temperature. HeatPro features the industry's only standard Ultra Gold corrosion-resistant evaporator fin, which provides extreme durability, especially in coastal environments. Its compact design allows easy installation and service on new or existing pools

  • Titanium Heat Exchanger - excellent chemical corrosion resistance
  • Exclusive 'Ultra Gold' evaporator coil corrosion resistant, especially in coastal areas
  • Quiet operation - quiet backyard environment
  • AHRI certified performance - independent lab certified performance ensures the value of the purchase
  • 2in x 2 1/2in CPVC union plumbing connections - the common union for installation or service adapts to larger plumbing recommended for greater efficiencies
  • Lightweight - less than 250 lbs.

Solar Pool Heating ( not available at Thunderbird Pool currently )

Solar Pool Heating Diagram
When it comes to heating your pool, there are many options to choose from, but none more cost-effective, more accessible, or better for the environment than solar. Use Source Website to talk to Fenix Pool Solar for installation after Thunderbird Pools Project.
  •  Longer Swim Seasons & Warmer Water Temperatures
  •  Long-Lasting Equipment Backed by a 12-Year Warranty
  •  Low Maintenance & No Operating Costs
  •  High Efficiency & Return on Investment
  •  Reduced Carbon Footprint
  •  Simple Functionality
LED Lights - ( included )

LED Lights

LED Pool Light

Bring color to all corners of your backyard oasis with ColorLogic® 320 & 160 LED lights! The 1.5-inch pool, spa, or accent lights provide low-profile, total color coordination of all water environments and complete synchronization with Universal ColorLogic lights. With ten fixed colors and seven color-changing shows, the ColorLogic 1.5-inch light is ideal for highlighting steps, bubblers, Baja shelves, and other water features.

  • The best solution for low-profile pool/spa lighting or feature accent lighting
  • The total color coordination of all water environments
  • Complete synchronization with Universal ColorLogic colors and shows
  • Ten fixed colors and seven color-changing shows
  • Ideal lights for Steps, jets, bubblers, Baja shelves, fountains, etc.
  • Two brightness options are available
  • Installation in wet or dry applications
  • Vinyl, fiberglass, and low-profile concrete installations
  • UL and cUL Listed
  • Access additional capabilities with OmniDirect Mode™ by pairing any low-voltage ColorLogic stand-alone lights with Omni® Automation. OmniDirect Mode offers:
  • Instant navigation to desired color or light show without cycling through a sequence
  • Dimming capabilities in increments of 20%
  • Speed adjustment for light shows
  • Access to 10 additional color options; expand customization options for special occasions, like school colors, sports, or the holidays
Control Panel with Automation - ( included upgrades available )

Omni Hub Smart Panel ( included if not upgraded )

Omni Hub Control Panel

Hayward Omni Hub is the easiest way to add smart control to a pool and spa. Compatible with Hayward and most other brands, pool owners can conveniently schedule and set all their equipment settings with their smartphone or voice-assisted devices. Omni Hub can be quickly and easily installed by a pool pro in just a few hours and will control virtually every piece of equipment, including variable-speed pumps, heaters, pool/spa color lights, spa settings, AquaRite®, booster pumps, backyard lighting, and water features.

  • The most accessible and most affordable way to add total-pool smart control to nearly any existing pool
  • The New OmniLogic® smartphone app makes controlling your pool and spa equipment intuitive and straightforward.
  • Convenient control by app or voice assistant: Access, manage, and schedule from anywhere via iOS and Android smartphones and voice-controlled devices, including Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Google Assistant.
  • Seamless integration: Compatible with Hayward pool products and most pool equipment brands for the entire pool and spa pad control. Now supports complete control of Pentair Intelliflo variable-speed pumps* with optional daughterboard.
  • Smart Home: Works with popular home automation systems including Nest®, Control4®, Crestron4®, Elan and RTI
  • Omni Hub includes a wiring base unit, control pad, and 1 Smart Relay to control equipment, including variable-speed pumps, heaters, pool/spa lighting, spa equipment, and AquaRite salt chlorination systems* with an optional daughterboard.
  • Flexible & scalable: Ability to add up to 2 additional Smart Relays for even more control, including booster pumps, cleaner, backyard lighting, and water features, two-valve actuators for Pool/Spa/Water Feature control, as well as control of two additional Variable Speed Pumps

Omni PL Smart Panel ( upgrade )

Omni PL Smart Control Panel

Unmatched value in automation for new pools and spas. OmniPL leverages the OmniLogic® platform and easy-to-use app, where you can select the level of control to suit your needs. This premium solution simplifies pool ownership by integrating salt chlorination options with your automation.

  • Modular Expandability. Equipped with four relays with the flexibility to upgrade. Increase to 6 relays with (2)-HLRELAY, increase to 8 relays with additional (2)-HL485RELAY
  • OmniDirect Mode. Pair ColorLogic LED lighting and water features with Hayward automation to get additional color options, dimming control, etc.
  • Pump Control. Complete control of up to 8 Variable Speed Pumps without using any relays
  • Compatible with Omni® Remotes: HLWRELESS, HLWALLMOUNT, and HLSPASIDE
  • OmniLogic app allows you to monitor, set schedules and control your entire backyard at home or on the go (only available on W versions)
  • Effortless Voice Assisted Device Control. Works with popular voice control systems like Amazon® Alexa® and Google Home®
  • Expert LineTM products are only available through your local pool professional.

Omni Logic Smart Panel ( upgrade )

Omni Logic Smart Panel

Elite automation for fully-featured new pool and spas. OmniLogic® brings backyard control to the forefront of pool technology. Enjoy the luxuries of full automation from the most intuitive app with effortless upgrades to always keep your backyard on the cutting edge.

  • Eliminate complexity with the most intuitive, icon-based user interface, and set your controller to fit your preferences quickly and easily.
  • Modular Expandability. Equipped with four relays with the flexibility to upgrade. Increase to 20 relays with HLRELAY, HLRELAYBANK, and HLEXPAND
  • OmniDirect Mode. Pair ColorLogic LED lighting and water features with Hayward automation to get additional color options, dimming control, etc.
  • Pump Control. Complete control of up to 16 Variable Speed Pumps without using any relays
  • Automatic Cover Scale-Back Mode: automatically adjusts pump, chlorinator, and heating settings for maximum efficiency when an electronic pool cover is closed
  • Compatible with Omni® Remotes: HLWRELESS, HLWALLMOUNT, and HLSPASIDE
  • OmniLogic app: Controlling your entire pool pad is easy, fast, and intuitive. Set schedules or themes, monitor, and make adjustments when desired.
  • Effortless Voice Assisted Device Control. Works with popular voice control systems like Amazon® Alexa® and Google Home®